Why do I need a Tour Operator/Travel Agent?

Most often, and with careful planning, our tours run smoothly, however things can and do go wrong.  When unexpected or unavoidable crises arise you need the experience, knowledge and determination of InterTrav.

Shortly before our client’s travel program to Spain in 2015, Iberia airlines canceled their non-stop return journey flight from Madrid to Chicago.  Iberia Airlines replacement was a double connecting flight itinerary adding hours of inconvenience and excruciating discomfort to the travelers.  Rather than accept this replacement, InterTrav instead provided an additional night in Spain at a beautiful 4-star beach front resort and secured a non-stop flight home the following day.  InterTrav was able to provide this additional service with no increase in price.

September 11, 2001 InterTrav had groups traveling throughout Europe, including St.  Margaret Mercy Hospital Foundation.  The group of approximately 40 travelers was stranded in Sweden when their return flight was canceled.  InterTrav was able to keep the group together and secure hotel rooms.  Through our relationship with the local suppliers we were able to arrange additional local sightseeing, while InterTrav began the process of securing airlines seats for 40 people on flights that were over-sold and back-logged due to the disruption of commercial airlines service.  We kept family members at home informed as we returned 5 to 10 travelers at a time, with and InterTrav representative meeting 90% of the travelers as they made their return to Chicago.

March 11, 2011, Japan was devastated by a 9.0 magnitude earthquake.  Northern Illinois University Alumni Association group arrived in Japan approximately 30 minutes before the earthquake destroyed much of the country.  Through immediate and consistent communication and determination InterTrav was able to secure our travelers safety and comfort as we began the process of evacuating our travelers safely home to the U.S.A.

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