How it Works

We recommend to our group leaders that you start planning

your tour at least one year prior to departure.

This allows InterTrav time to secure the best available tour escorts, hotels, and group air contracts. And allows time for us to work together on a proper promotion.

Traveling with InterTrav is easy; be as involved as you’d like or leave the planning to us, the choice is yours!

Determine the destination – you know your customers, and we know the world. We will work together to determine what destination is the best fit for you and your future travelers. As a wholesale tour operator InterTrav works directly with our travel suppliers: Hotels, local guides, motor coach companies, restaurants, etc. ensuring we control the quality of all tours.

Choose the number of free places, if any, you would like to have included for your vacation.  For example, you can earn one free place with every 25 paying travelers, or you can earn one free place with every ten paying travelers!

InterTrav will prepare an itinerary based on the destination and inclusions you wish to offer, and provide you with the per person cost before you make your decision to commit.  We personally select, and often inspect hotels and service providers.

Revisions can be made in order to achieve the desired vacation – changes in sightseeing, meal inclusions, etc. in order to provide the best experience to your travelers at the right price.

Determine your level of commission and it is added to the tour cost.  This is typically anywhere from $25 to $300 per person!  By creating custom travel products we are able to provide the best possible price and value so that you can maximize YOUR profit.

Brochures are printed and the promotion begins!  We provide personalized, four-color travel brochures and posters for your promotion. We are here to support any and all promotional efforts – from holding informational meetings to assisting with advertising and web promotion.

Traveler reservations begin to flow in!  We are happy to handle the tour from reservations to invoicing for final payment all the way through completion. Some clients prefer to handle all or part of the process – the choice is yours!

On occasion, emergencies do arise while a group is traveling – you can rest easy knowing InterTrav staff is available and able to help.  InterTrav is in constant contact with our tour escorts while our groups are traveling.

After a wonderful and memorable vacation, your travelers arrive home eager to hear what your next destination will be…and you receive your sales fee check.  What a great and enjoyable way to boost your bottom line or raise funds for your favorite cause!”


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