Why You Should Go To Ireland

Ireland is a popular destination for American tourists and we can see why! While you may be thinking about your next vacation or even making your vacation wish list, here are our Top 10 Reasons to visit Ireland:

  1. Shorter travel time than other foreign destinations – 6.5 hours from Boston, 7 from New York and 8 from Chicago.
  2. People in Ireland speak English and are some of the friendliest in the world!
  3. Price – Our current price from Chicago including round trip airfare, taxes, transportation, guided sightseeing, and hotel accommodations for 7 nights is $2,620 per person.
  4. Scenery – Ireland is beautiful. You can see lush pastures and rugged landscapes all in one place!
  5. The Cliffs of Moher – A breathtaking sight rising to a height of 650 feet out from the Atlantic.
  6. History – Whether you’re interested in castles, religious sights, or political history, Ireland has it all!
  7. Shopping – Ireland offers many specialty items such as crystal, jewelry, and wool.
  8. The Blarney Stone – Kiss the famous Blarney Stone and you’ll be gifted with eloquence.
  9. Food and drinks – Ireland has excellent cuisine from stews to puddings, and not to forget, Jameson Whiskey and Guinness Beer!
  10. Fun – Ireland is a fun place with a lot to do and a lot to see.

As you can see these are just a few reasons why Ireland should be on your list of places to travel. Want to put together a group trip or join one of ours? Contact us for more information!