What is your favorite vacation memory?

Hello Travelers!

We all have memories of our favorite vacations, whether it be with our parents as kids or as an adult. Tell us, what is your favorite vacation memory?

Here is mine: I was eight years old and my family took our first big vacation to Florida to go to Disney World. Back then, you could go to the front of the plane and meet the pilot, I even received wings from him! We arrived in Orlando and then to our resort in Disney World. I’ll never forget how excited I felt getting into our room, unpacking, and then finally exploring. It was March, but it was warm in Florida, we could even go swimming. For Chicago-ans, this was a BIG DEAL! The next few days were spent exploring the parks. We started with the Magic Kingdom. I was overwhelmed with all the shops, vendors, and especially the castle! I thought it was so cool to actually meet the characters, Goofy was my favorite! My brother, being a movie buff from birth, couldn’t wait to explore the MGM Studios! And of course, my parents made us go to Epcot (which I would totally love now as an adult)! Looking back at this vacation, I can just remember everything being so magical, Disney is known for their attention to detail and it’s true, right down to the Mickey Mouse pancakes! Why is this memory my favorite? It was the first time my family had ever been anywhere far away together. I have such great memories of swimming with my dad and my brother, showing my mom our “tricks”. I remember having so much fun with my brother, trying to memorize and recite what the speaker says on the monorail (yes, I think we both can still do it!). I’ll never forget that vacation and I can’t wait to make new vacation memories!

So, reader, tell us what is YOUR favorite vacation memory?