Travel Tips – Staying Healthy

Don’t let getting sick spoil your hard-earned vacation. Here are some of our travel tips for staying healthy.

    1. Wash your hands! Wash after the bathroom, before you eat, wash, wash, wash! Hand sanitizers are great but they don’t do the same cleaning that a good old hand washing with nice warm soapy water can do.
    2. When you’re traveling to new places and the food is unfamiliar to your system, take it easy and allow yourself to adjust.
    3. While most European countries have great water filtration systems, when in doubt always drink bottled water. Tap water is okay for washing your face, brushing your teeth, and showering.
    4. Rest! It’s hard when there is so much to see and do in a new place. Want to avoid jet lag? Stay awake when you arrive and sleep during normal sleep hours to better acclimate yourself to the new time.
    5. Avoid airplane pillows and blankets unless individually wrapped. They are re-used and don’t get washed!
    6. Watch your step! Many travelers are busy looking at all the sights and don’t think about tripping on a cobblestone street or slick steps.
    7. Cruises – Many travelers ask how to stay healthy on a cruise and it’s simple. WASH YOUR HANDS! If you suspect you are sick, call or visit the infirmary and as hard is it may be, quarantine yourself to protect other travelers. You would want others to do the same for you.
    8. While the hotels we use are deluxe, and this is not a problem we’ve run into, bed bugs can happen, even in the nicest places. Never a bad idea to check out your mattress before you settle in and report any problems to the hotel front desk!
    9. Sometimes things happen outside our control and that’s why it’s always wise to buy travel insurance. Travel insurance not only protects you in the event you need to cancel your trip due to illness (you or immediate family) and it also protects you if you get sick or injured while in travel status.

We hope our travel tips help you stay healthy on your next vacation!