How To Get The Most Out of Your Next Cruise

Destination – Where is your cruise going? Do the ports of call fit your interests?

Weather – Most major cruise liners plan they itinerary rotations around favorable weather. But, it never hurts to do some research or ask your friendly travel agent!

Plan ahead – Look at the shore excursions being offered and pre-book the ones that you want. You are able to book on-board but choices are generally limited and your top choice may be sold out.

Entertainment – Check the daily schedule given to you in your stateroom and make sure you enjoy the entertainment. It’s included in your cruise fare and most are scheduled to accommodate dining times. When else will you be able to see a broadway-style show for no additional fee?

Dining – To some the traditional dining schedule of a cruise may seem intimidating; but we do urge you to give it a try! If you’re part of a group it’s an opportunity to get to know your group members better or if you’re on your own, you may be seated with the most interesting people you will ever meet! Plus, you have the opportunity to try many new foods. Don’t like something? That’s okay, you’re free to order another item from the menu. Two desserts? Don’t mind if I do!

Stateroom – How much time will you want to spend in your stateroom? While all staterooms come with the same basic amenities, there are other options to consider. Location- forward, aft, mid-ship, deck number, proximity to elevators, etc. View-Inside, Oceanview, or Balcony? Your travel agent can help you choose the stateroom that fits your wants, needs, and budget.

Get to know the cruise staff- These are some of the most interesting people you will ever meet. Many are from other countries and work on cruise ships for months at a time before returning home to their families. Their experiences, as well as their ability to remember your name and anything you’ve told them, will astound you. They are also a great resource to the wonderful things to see and do on your cruise ship.

Don’t get scammed – When you arrive at your first port of call you will see representatives from the cruise line with signs to take you on your pre-arranged shore excursions, you will also see locals trying to sell you excursions. While most of these people are probably wonderful guides, their services cannot be guaranteed. We suggest you book excursions only through your cruise line to guarantee your safety.

Try a new experience – A cruise ship is essentially a floating resort packed with different things to see, do, and eat! Go to an art gallery, take a dance lesson, do a wine tasting, try a new food, the options are endless and the opportunities are bountiful!

Most of all, HAVE FUN!