25 Reasons to Travel the World

Need a reason to travel the world? There are infinite reasons, but I’ve put together the Top 25 Reasons to Travel the World!

  1. Meet new people – either your fellow travelers on a group trip or locals you meet along the way.
  2. Food-Immerse yourself in local cuisine.
  3. A change of scenery is always invigorating.
  4. A new perspective on the world.
  5. History – Ancient Rome has been around since the 8th Century B.C.!
  6. Stories – Think of all the stories you will have to share!
  7. Adventure.
  8. We all have a dream destination, it’s time to fulfill your dreams!
  9. Learn a new language.
  10. See things you wouldn’t be able to see at home. Do you live near the Ocean? Go see the Alps!
  11. Face your fears – get on the plane, go ziplining, or take that cruise!
  12. Disconnect from the ordinary.
  13. Get in touch with your roots.
  14. Find that perfect souvenir or gift for someone.
  15. Re-visit one of your favorite places.
  16. Create memories to last a lifetime.
  17. Live like a local, even if its for a few days.
  18. See a world famous performance.
  19. Volunteer for a truly humbling experience.
  20. See the Seven Wonders of the World.
  21. Find UNESCO World Heritage Sites (There is currently 981!).
  22. Join a religious Pilgrimage tour.
  23. Take part in a local festival or celebration such as the Oktoberfest.
  24. Discover the beauty of the world.
  25. Why not?!